For teams and individuals looking for extra time on the field together, our small group training program is perfect.  USTLA Club Trainers will guide each session to give everyone in your group what they need to play confidently.  Choose whether you want to focus on attacking, defending, technical skills, tactical situations and more.  


The perfect opportunity for players looking to take their game to the next level.  Partner with one of the USTLA trainers and focus on any part of the game you are trying to master.  Collegiate and Pro level trainers available for all positions on the feild.  


Per session(1 hour):                                                                        6 or more session commitment(15% discount):

5-10 Players = $25/player                                                               5-10 Players = $21.25/Player

2-5 Players = $35/Player                                                                  2-5 Players = $29.75/Player

1 Player = $40/Player                                                                       1 Player = $34/Player

To schedule Small Group or Individual Training email our Club Director at

Small Group and Individual Training